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1GB /day

  • 3G data speed
  • 7.95 £6.95 $8.95 /day


    3GB /day

  • 4G data speed
  • Includes travel adapter
  • 9.95 £8.95 $10.95 /day


    5GB /day

  • 4G data speed
  • Includes travel adapter
  • Safety assistant - 1yr sub
  • 11.95 £10.95 $12.95 /day

    Own a Teppy and take it with you globally. Ideal for globetrotters or business travelers.

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    Get your Teppy starting at $129 and pay $7.95/day only when you connect.


    Unlimited Internet, for real?
    Yes! Have peace-of-mind that your connection will never be cut-off when traveling! Show more
    Unlimited WiFi is often promised in today’s world and rarely is it truly delivered.
    We think we have found a fair solution to this problem with our Teppy Netherlands hotspot internet rental plan. All our Netherlands WiFi rental plans contain a high-speed data allowance, capable of meeting your streaming needs. When you reach your high-speed data limit, your Teppy Netherlands WiFi hotspot will provide you with a maximum 256kbps connection that means you will still be able to use emails, social media and your internet browser to your heart’s content. This Netherlands WiFi connection will keep you online until your high-speed data allowance refreshes after 24 hours, however, you can always top up if needed - simply contact our Tep customer service team.
    We believe we have set realistic expectations which allows us to deliver the best WIFI hotspot rental in the Netherlands. Show less

    Internet in The Netherlands

    Hallo! Are the beautiful waterways of Amsterdam calling your name? Or maybe it’s the exciting nightlife? The Netherlands is an eclectic country that boasts culture, history, amazing scenery, and oodles of personality. Just rent a bicycle and make your way around the vibrant cities and picturesque towns and villages that the Netherlands has to offer. You can even hit the beach at The Hague if the weather calls for it. There is just so much to discover in this country.

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    Relaxation is life

    Bring your Teppy Netherlands MiFi hotspot rental for a nice and relaxing holiday.

    Your Teppy Netherlands pocket WiFi device instantly finds the fastest 4G network near you using virtual SIM technology, getting WiFi in the Netherlands with the most reliable mobile providers like T-Mobile, Vodafone, Tele2, and Telfort. Now your laptop, phone, and tablet can access the web through a fast, secure, private WiFi network.

    Sail the canals

    With a Teppy Amsterdam hotspot internet rental you can book a boat tour or a water taxi across Amsterdam’s extensive system of canals. Or simply use Google Maps to navigate them by foot along their banks. The I Amsterdam City Card is a great way to book and plan everything you want to do in the city. Download the accompanying app to plan on the go.

    Learn the lingo in the Netherlands – cafés are like pubs and coffee shops are something different entirely. Using your Teppy Amsterdam hotspot internet rental a quick Google search will help you decide which ones you want to visit. You can check customer reviews on the TripAdvisor app, too.

    Leer wat Nederlands?

    Connect to your Teppy Netherlands WiFi device rental and speak like a local with the Google Translate app. Although English is widely spoken in major cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam, it always helps to be able to read a menu or communicate in the country’s language, especially when visiting smaller towns and villages.

    Learn all about Dutch art with the Wikipedia app if you need to brush up on the subject before visiting the country’s famous museums. The Van Gogh Museum is a must-see along with the Rijksmuseum (the Dutch national museum), both found in Amsterdam.

    Become Dutch and Cycle!

    Your Teppy Netherlands MiFi device will allow you to travel like a local by renting a bike, because everyone cycles in the Netherlands. You can easily plan out your routes using Google Maps. All the cities are cycle-friendly, and bikes are also an environmentally friendly way to get out of the city to see the country’s stunning parks and villages.

    Check the weather forecast for The Hague with your phone’s live weather app to see if you need to pack sunscreen for your trip to the beach. Or check if rain is forecast before you set out on a day of cycling with your Teppy Netherlands WiFi device rental.

    True European Beauty

    Snap photos of the Netherlands’ amazingly picturesque scenery, including the colourful tulips and grand wooden windmills that the country is famous for. Make sure you can share these photos online with your friends and family by connecting to your Teppy Netherlands MiFi hotspot rental and posting them on Snapchat or to your Insta story on the go.

    Don’t miss out?

    Teppy Netherlands WiFi device rental makes all of this, and more, possible on your trip. With the reliable Teppy Netherlands MiFi hotspot in your pocket, you’ll never be concerned about finding the nearest public Netherlands WiFi network or suffering frustratingly slow Internet speeds. A wonder-filled trip to the Netherlands is only one Tep away.

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    Internet in netherlands

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    For travelers, the details really matter - check your passport expiry date!

    That’s why every Teppy arrives in a special box, including a universal adaptor and thoughtful details for you to delight in.

    And to elevate your travelling to new heights the Tep+ App and our Kitestring emergency service are free with every order.

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