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1GB /day

  • 3G data speed
  • 5.00 £4.90 $5.95 /day


    3GB /day

  • 4G data speed
  • Includes travel adapter
  • 8.00 £6.90 $8.95 /day


    Unlimited Internet!

  • 4G data speed
  • Includes travel adapter
  • Safety assistant - 1yr sub
  • 11.00 £9.90 $11.95 /day

    Own a Teppy and take it with you globally. Ideal for globetrotters or business travelers.

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    Pay as you go

    Get your Teppy starting at $129 and pay $7.95/day only when you connect.


    Unlimited Internet, for real?
    Yes! Have peace-of-mind that your connection will never be cut-off when traveling! Show more
    Your Teppy Europe with the Explore plan comes with Unlimited Internet every rental day, regardless of how much you use! We aim to guarantee all our users a great and fair experience and, as a result during congestion at peak times, a small fraction of customers on our explore plans, using more than 8GB/day, may notice reduced speeds. This means streaming and heavy data activities won’t run, but general browsing, emails and social media will.
    Ultimately in a world where unlimited is overused and harmful, we think it’s important to be up upfront about our service!

    What is the safety assistant?
    This is a premium subscription to our personal safety service - Kitestring - who will check up on you at some future time, texting you to make sure you’re safe. Show less

    Internet in Italy

    Ciao! Why is Italy often called “Bel Paese”, meaning “beautiful country”? Is it the rolling hills of Tuscany or the legendary waterways of Venice? Maybe it’s the gothic architecture of Milan or ancient ruins of Rome? Surely it must be the colourful cliff-top villages in Cinque Terre. For a country just larger than the state of Arizona, Italy has it all, from world-famous food to high-end shopping to the most UNESCO heritage sites in the world. One visit to Italy could never be enough.

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    Bring your trusty Teppy Italy travel WiFi hotspot rental for a hassle-free holiday.

    Your Teppy Italy dongle seamlessly searches for the best 4G network near you with virtual SIM technology, and automatically connects to the most reliable providers of WiFi devices in Italy like TIM, Vodafone, WindTre, and Iliad. Now your phone, tablet, and laptop can browse the web with a fast, secure, private mobile WiFi network.

    Don’t waste you time…

    Your Teppy Italy MiFi rental frees you up to focus on more important things… like deciding which museums to visit first (Italy has over 3,000!) or how many coins to throw into the Trevi Fountain. Everything’ is better when you’re connected and travelling around becomes a lot easier with the help of the Teppy Italy WiFi hotspot rental.

    Take the steps on a Roman!

    Feel the history of ancient Rome come to life inside the Colosseum by with streaming audio guides with your Teppy Italy mobile hotspot rental.

    Visit Rome like a pro

    Search the web and book in an art course to discover your inner Michelangelo or DaVinci. Paint the verdant landscapes of Tuscany and have a go at capturing the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence. Snap a photo of your new masterpiece to instantly share with family and friends back home using your favourite social media apps, all via your Teppy Italy WiFi hotspot rental.

    Check your credit card limit via online banking before shopping up a storm in Milan’s designer boutiques using your Teppy Italy MiFi rental.

    Navigate the twisty yet scenic Amalfi Coast with Google Maps or explore the backstreets of Naples for the best pizza.

    Use your Teppy Italy dongle to plan your epic rail trip, check the latest train schedules and book tickets from Puglia to Umbria.

    Don’t miss out

    All of this, and more, is possible with Teppy. With our reliable pocket hotspot service in Italy you’ll never fret about finding the nearest public WiFi network or putting up with frustratingly slow Internet speeds. An unforgettable trip to Italy is only one Tep away.

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    Internet in italy

    The Tep Experience

    For travelers, the details really matter - check your passport expiry date!

    That’s why every Teppy arrives in a special box, including a universal adaptor and thoughtful details for you to delight in.

    And to elevate your travelling to new heights the Tep+ App and our Kitestring emergency service are free with every order.

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