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1GB /day

  • 3G data speed
  • 5.00 £4.90 $5.95 /day


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  • 4G data speed
  • Includes travel adapter
  • 8.00 £6.90 $8.95 /day


    Unlimited Internet!

  • 4G data speed
  • Includes travel adapter
  • Safety assistant - 1yr sub
  • 11.00 £9.90 $11.95 /day

    Own a Teppy and take it with you globally. Ideal for globetrotters or business travelers.

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    Pay as you go

    Get your Teppy starting at $129 and pay $7.95/day only when you connect.


    Unlimited Internet, for real?
    Yes! Have peace-of-mind that your connection will never be cut-off when traveling! Show more
    The Germany pocket WiFi rental will, never leave travellers without internet no matter how much you use!
    Your Teppy Europe with the Explore plan comes with Unlimited Internet every rental day, regardless of how much you use! We aim to guarantee all our users a great and fair experience and, as a result during congestion at peak times, a small fraction of customers on our explore plans, using more than 8GB/day, may notice reduced speeds. This means streaming and heavy data activities won’t run, but general browsing, emails and social media will.
    Tep value transparency with our customers which is why it is important for us to be realistic about what we offer.
    We hope you will find Tep to be a just approach to unlimited connection to the internet from the best portable WiFi router in Germany. Show less

    Internet in Germany

    Guten Tag! Are you ready to strap on your lederhosen, fill up on bratwurst and spätzle, and dance the Schuhplattler? Germany is where medieval and modernity meet, where conservative and spontaneous collide. The cultural kaleidoscope ranges from high-brow opera in Hamburg to underground nightclubs in Frankfurt, and everything in between. As Europe’s industrial and technological engine, Germany has given the world the printing press, aspirin, automobiles and MP3 technology. And now you can experience this extraordinary country for yourself, with endless artistic landscapes, rich regional foods, and world-class wines. The hardest choice… where to start?

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    Be care free!

    Travel with your Teppy Germany WiFi rental hotspot for a totally care free holiday.

    Your Teppy Germany hotspot rental instantly finds the fastest 4G network near you using virtual SIM technology and seamlessly connects to the most reliable mobile internet providers in Germany like Telkom, Vodafone and O2. Now your laptop, tablet, and phone can get on the web with a fast, secure, private travel WiFi network.

    Beer, beer and more beer…

    All you must consider is where to enjoy over 40 varieties of Bavarian beer or which museum you’ll explore in Berlin. Everything’ is better when you’re connected, and travelling around Germany becomes much, much easier thanks to the help of your Teppy Germany MiFi rental.

    Plan your road trip along Romantic Road with Google Maps, and never lose connection with your Teppy Germany MiFi rental. This historic byway between Frankfurt and the Alps, features picturesque sights, castles, and medieval villages, so bring your camera.

    Enter into a fairy-tail dream

    Explore the famous fairy-tale Neuschwanstein Castle and Hohenschwangau Castle in southern Bavaria on your epic road trip. Connect to your Teppy Germany MiFi network and learn more about the eccentric King Ludwig II on Wikipedia and Lonely Planet’s online guides.

    Planning a big celebration, Oktoberfest perhaps? 7 million visitors swarm into Munich for the largest folk festival in the world. Catch up with your travel friends and stay in touch with new ones via WhatsApp. Or any other time of the year, grab a pint or two at Hofbräuhaus, the famous 16th century 3-floor beer hall, and pay via Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay. All of this is possible thanks to your Teppy Germany WiFi rental.

    Make a discovery!

    Discover the hidden stories behind the Berlin Wall and be mesmerised by the 18th-century Brandenburg Gate with the help of Rick Steves’ audio tour of Berlin. Remember to bring your earphones.

    Trying to decide which souvenir to buy? With your Teppy Germany pocket WiFi rental, Google Translate will help ensure you get the right gift, and don’t mix up your Ampelmännchen with a Feuerzangenbowle.

    After getting your fix of very Instagrammable cars at Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, rely on Yelp to find a nearby lunch stop that serves delicious bratwurst.

    Walk you way through history

    Book a guided walking tour guide with Tours By Locals around Germany’s most visited landmark, Cologne Cathedral. Admire the size and splendour of the largest Gothic church in Northern Europe with an insider’s perspective. Your Teppy Germany dongle will help you to show your guide your appreciation by leaving a positive review for a job well done.

    Don’t miss out!

    All of this, and more is achievable with a Teppy Germany WiFi rental. With this reliable travel hotspot in your pocket, you’ll never be concerned about finding the closest public WiFi network or dealing with frustratingly slow internet speeds. A trip of a lifetime to Germany is only one Tep away.

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    Internet in germany

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    And to elevate your travelling to new heights the Tep+ App and our Kitestring emergency service are free with every order.

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