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Whatever your reason for traveling is, we've got the right options for you.

Get the plan you need, all with unlimited internet. Ideal for short trips or family vacation.


1GB /day
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+ Unlimited Internet
7.95 £6.95 $8.95 /day


3GB /day
at 4G speed

+ Unlimited Internet
9.95 £8.95 $10.95 /day


5GB /day
at 4G speed

+ Unlimited Internet
11.95 £10.95 $12.95 /day

Own a Teppy and take it with you globally. Ideal for globetrotters or business travelers.

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Pay as you go

Get your Teppy starting at $129 and pay $7.95/day only when you connect.


Unlimited Internet, for real?
Yes! Have peace-of-mind that your connection will never be cut-off when traveling! Show more
All Tep’s plans include truly unlimited internet, which is never cut off, regardless how much you use.
Once you have consumed all data from your high-speed plans, your connection speed maxes out at 256kbps. Thus, streaming and heavy data activities won’t run, but general browsing, emails and social media will. The connection speed will return to normal after 24 hours. And if you need extra high-speed data before that, get in touch with us.
We think it’s important to be up upfront about our service, unlike some of our competitors.
Ultimately in a world where unlimited is overused and harmful, we think our approach is just fair!
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Hello! Welcome to Canada, second largest country in the world and home to stunning scenery, exciting wildlife, and dynamic cities. You can hike through breath-taking national parks, ski down snowy mountains, and relax on the beach or go surfing (preferably in the summer), all in one country. Stay close to the US border in cities like Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, or venture further out into Edmonton or smaller towns in Canada. You’ll never run out of places to explore, eh!

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Travel Stress free!

Bring your Teppy travel WiFi hotspot to Canada for a completely stress-free holiday.

Teppy quickly identifies the fastest 4G network near you using virtual SIM technology, and effortlessly connects to the most reliable mobile providers like Telus, Bell, Rogers, and Freedom Mobile. Now your laptop, tablet, and phone can get on the web with a fast, secure, private WiFi network.

Become a true explorer

Explore Canada’s incredible natural landscapes – lakes, mountains, glaciers, and more. The Avis Car Hire app lets you rent a car and check your booking online. Hike through Sleeping Giant Provincial Park or up Mont Royal, go skiing and snowboarding in Mont Tremblant, or take a boat out along the Sunshine Coast. Stay on route with Google Maps wherever you go.

Show off your photos of Canada’s amazing wildlife, from moose to grizzly bears, and even polar bears. Post photos your wildlife shots to Facebook or Instagram anywhere with your pocket WiFi. You can even go snorkelling with Beluga Whales in Manitoba, so get a waterproof phone case ready if you want to capture the moment.

Reach a high point

Take in the amazing city sights and landmarks, too. Climb up the CN Tower in Toronto to snap incredible city views from above, or tour the country’s parliament buildings in Canada’s capital city, Ottawa. The CN Tower Viewfinder app helps you know what you’re looking at from up above Toronto city.

Embrace the cold weather of Canada by ice fishing in Nunavut – just make sure you pack plenty of layers and thermal clothing. Or why not go to and book a stay in an ice hotel? Of course, if that doesn’t appeal, you can always use Airbnb or Hostelworld to find regular accommodation in Canada.

Eat some amazing poutine

Taste local Canadian food for yourself during your trip. Check TripAdvisor to find out which eatery offers the best poutine – fries topped with cheese curds and gravy. Sample lots of different fresh seafood dishes, from lobster to scallops.

Don’t miss out!

All of this, and more, is possible with Teppy. With our trustworthy hotspot in your pocket, you’ll never have to worry about finding the nearest public WiFi network, or putting up with slow Internet speeds. An entertainment-packed trip to the United States is only one Tep away.

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The Tep Experience

For travelers, the details really matter - check your passport expiry date!

That’s why every Teppy arrives in a special box, including a universal adaptor and thoughtful details for you to delight in.

And to elevate your travelling to new heights the Tep+ App and our Kitestring emergency service are free with every order.



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