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How To Communicate (for Cheap) While Traveling Abroad

"Not having data on your phone while you’re out and about on your travels can be a bummer when you’re trying to Snapchat or call your tour guide to let them know you’re running late. "

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Get Unlimited Data in 80 Countries for Cheap

"Staying connected while traveling is crucial. But Wi-Fi can be incredibly expensive whether you’re in the US or traveling internationally. And buying a prepaid SIM card isn’t always an option in some countries, so having a portable Wi-Fi device can save you money and keep you in touch. "


Tep Wireless Keeps Us Connected On The Road

"When you’re traveling internationally and need to stay connected digitally your options are many. First you may opt out by simply choosing not to be connected. Tep Wireless provided us a WiFi hot spot to use and review. "

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The Travel Wi-Fi Hotspot You’ve Been Waiting For?

"In the last 3.5 years of nomadic travel around the world our biggest challenge was not language barriers. It was not sickness or injury. It was not even travelling with 2 young children. It was something invisible that you can’t see, taste or touch. I’m talking about reliable Internet access."


5 Best Tips for Staying Connected While Traveling the World

"Everyone wants to be connected to their electronics and it’s no different when we travel. We want to know what is happening at any given moment, anywhere in the world. "

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Tep Wireless video - Unbox - Explainer - Shoutout

"I've used Tep Wireless to rent a Wifi access point for previous trips to the UK and France their customer service is great and you save a ton vs. the international data plans of U.S. carriers! Check them out! "

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On Missing Flights, Rogue Luggage, and the Paris Taxi Strike—Or, Why You Need a TEP

"I will say, when traveling internationally I will never ever go without a TEP. It saved our asses so many times in just the first 48 hours. It made it possible for me to communicate with our AirBnb hosts that we’d be late, it made it possible for us to catch an Uber when we would have otherwise had to literally sleep on the street."

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The Solution to Avoiding Scary Data Roaming Charges

"If you're planning a city break and need that all-important internet access on the go, this could well indeed offer a solution to those very scary data roaming charges."

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International Internet…In Your Pocket, with Tep Wireless

"Having constant Internet access is great, but traveling internationally presents a real problem for those looking to stay connected while abroad without paying exorbitant roaming fees. Tep Wireless looks to eliminate that problem with their pocket wifi rental."

Keeping Connected with TEP Wireless

"I was so impressed with TEP and was very glad to have my little device with me. It saved me a fortune on data roaming fees back home and looking at the prices, they’re very reasonable. I now know what company I’ll turn to whenever I need internet when I travel. "

Tep Helps Travellers Avoid Data Roaming Costs

"Tep, a startup that's taking on the big guns by offering a service that ultimately removes European roaming costs across 16 countries for travellers."

Travel Abroad Without Data Roaming

"Every Friday I try to share one of my favourite finds of the week – a web-site, tool or app that has impressed me. My Friday Favourite this week is TEP Wireless – a portable Wireless Access Point that allows you to travel abroad without incurring Data roaming charges."

How to Beat Roaming Fees While Traveling Abroad

"This week I’ll tackle data roaming fees, which wireless providers charge when customers use their phones outside their service area. With travelers using smartphones and other wireless devices abroad in the same way as they do back home (to check e-mail, to update Facebook and Twitter and to pull up online maps), the skyrocketing fees are taking many by surprise."

Tep Wireless Review

"Tep was my little buddy, and he sat in my pocket and gave me WiFi access whenever, wherever I needed it. If there was a 3G signal, I was hooked up. Tep helped me find my way out of a confusing area of Granada by enabling my iTouch to connect to Google Maps. "

How to Avoid International Roaming Fees with Tep Wireless

"While backpacking through Europe, travelers become dependent on free WiFi offered at cafes and hostels. While on business trips, travelers pay top dollar for international phone plans and 24-hour access to hotel WiFi."

Pocket WiFi for Travel: A Tep Wireless Review

"As a travel blogger WiFi is my everything. This might sound like I have a problem and need to go to Internet Addicts Anonymous, but it’s the oxygen of blogging."

Tep Wireless Mobile Hotspot

"For years I was nomadic, changing locations as often as every day, usually not staying in any one place for more than a week."

Mobile wifi while you travel with TEP Wireless

"I’ll be the first to admit my life is well and truly plugged in to the internet. Or more accurately it’s wirelessly connected to it."

3 tried and tested travel accessories

"On a recent trip to Athens to attend the Travel Trade Athens 2014 event I took the opportunity to try out a few new travel accessories. We all want to stay connected and yet avoid astronomical roaming costs when we travel. One solution to this dilemma is this TEP wireless device."

Tep Wireless: Pocket Wi-Fi Rental - Product Review

"Internet while on the go is a great option when traveling abroad; it's not only helpful, but a necessity for many travelers now days. And Tep Wireless has those needs covered. The U.K.-based international wireless hotspot rental company is a great option to keep travelers online via smart phones and laptops."

Tep Wireless Mobile WiFi For Travel

"Living as a digital nomad, internet access is incredibly important to me. With a Tep Wireless device I’m able to stay connected pretty much anywhere."

Cut download charges abroad

"A device known as a 'Tep dongle' could help save £900 for tablet and smartphone users who browse the internet while abroad."

Handluggage Snoop

"To be perfectly honest, my handbag is usually chock-a-block with wrinkled receipts, gum wrappers, cables, wires, and SD cards... so I don't think you'd enjoy a breakdown too much!"

Tep Wireless Review

"Tep Wireless is a great service that allows you to rent a phone while in London as well as Mobile WiFi hotspots. We had the chance to test out while we were in London for the Royal Wedding, and here's our review of the service."

How to stay connected with wifi while traveling

"Just turn your phone on airplane mode, and once you land, you've got wife in your pocket to help you navigate around a new destination, say hello and thank you in a foreign language, and double check exchange rates when you pay your taxi fare. How awesome is that."

Tep Mobile Wifi Review (Formerly Fonmigo)

"I chose to try the mobile wifi rental as I already have a smartphone, which I'm addicted to, and I have a laptop PC that gets dragged around town too. The small, wireless modem connects to 3G internet and required no set-up."