They say that the four basic components for human survival are air, shelter, water, and food. It seems like, in this day and age, we need to add a fifth item to this list – WiFi!

We rely on WiFi for a lot of things, especially while travelling. Where would we be without Google Maps, a translation app, a currency converter, and various social platforms to keep in touch with our friends back home?

WiFi coverage continues to grow, but you might find yourself in more remote areas where fast Internet is difficult to come across. Having a WiFi antenna booster in your travel arsenal is a great way to get around this problem.

What is a WiFi antenna booster?

Your laptop typically detects wireless Internet signals using a wireless card built into it. This allows you to connect to the WiFi in cafés, for example. However, the range on wireless cards is quite limited, meaning you’ll easily find yourself out of range of local WiFi signals. This will leave you either disconnected or with a frustratingly slow connection.

Seriud Wifi Antenna Booster

A WiFi antenna booster helps you to boost the WiFi connection range of your laptop. This has two key benefits – it allows you to connect to a WiFi that would have otherwise been out of reach, and it boosts the connection speed of signals you are in range of. They can help you extend to a range of 200-300 yards further than your wireless card alone.

There are different kinds of WiFi antennas, but most are really easy to use, simply plugging into your laptop’s USB port. You can find ones that are ultra-lightweight and perfect for travel.

Why might you need a WiFi antenna booster?

There are lots of times a WiFi antenna booster can help you out, especially when you’re travelling. Maybe you want to work outside a café but the signal is weak outside. Or you could go even further and work in a park or on the beach, extending your reach to nearby hotspots.

WiFi boosters can also be useful in hotels and hostels. Some have good signal throughout the hotel and all its rooms, while others are strong around the reception area but don’t reach the rooms very well, especially in hostels. If you want to do some work or watch a movie in your room, then a boosted signal can make this possible.

Sometimes, cafés and hostel common rooms simply have slow WiFi, but you’re comfortable working from there or you really like the coffee. A WiFi booster could help to speed up your connection or connect to a faster public WiFi down the road.

They’re not just useful for those who travel, though. Some homes have a certain room or corner of the house where the WiFi suddenly drops out or slows down, especially in houses with attic rooms. If you can never load a YouTube video in bed because of your distance from the wireless router, a home wireless booster is a great way around this problem.

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