Do you travel for the ’gram? Hopefully that’s not your sole motivation, but it can be satisfying to make friends and internet strangers jealous with all your amazing travel photos. Or maybe you’re looking for that perfect shot to frame or print on canvas for your wall. Whatever drives you to some of the most beautiful cities in the world, it helps to know where to go for the perfect shot.

If you’re visiting London, then here are some top spots to check out for the best photo opportunities.

The View from The Shard

Looking for amazing city views of London? First stop: the tallest building in the city. You can go all the way up to the 72nd floor of The Shard for open-air views of the city. Take incredible panoramic photos of London or focus on any of the city’s sights, including Tower Bridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Canary Wharf, and the Olympic Stadium. You can supposedly see up to 40 miles on clear days.

The attraction isn’t cheap, though, with tickets starting from £25 per adult. There are various ticket packages available, though, which might offer savings if you’re visiting multiple attractions.

London Eye

Another hugely popular attraction, the London Eye offers amazing unobstructed views of the whole city. You’ll tower over the Thames, Westminster Bridge, Big Ben, and the Houses of Parliament. But the view stretches much further beyond this and you can get some incredible shots of London’s skyline.

A standard ticket costs £27 for adults, but there are more expensive and luxurious options like VIP experiences and private capsules, plus ticket packages with other London attractions.

Sky Garden

If London prices are getting you down, then you can enjoy views of the city for free at the top of the Sky Garden. Sure, you could spend a fortune on food and drink in these elevated bars and restaurants, but booking to see the view is completely free. Remember that you do have to book in advance for this experience. Whether you’re after shots of the skyline or a selfie at the top of this uniquely-shaped skyscraper, the Sky Garden is a great place to go.

One New Change

One New Change is a retail complex located next to St. Paul’s Cathedral. Head all the way to the top of this building and past the pricey bar and restaurant to get to the public viewing area. You can get some amazing photos of the cathedral from this point and you don’t have to spend a penny.

The Millennium Bridge

Walking across the Millennium Bridge is a popular experience for London tourists. It’s a great spot for views over the River Thames and with Tower Bridge in the distance. At one end of the bridge, you’re close to the Globe Theatre and the Tate Modern, and St. Paul’s Cathedral is nearby the other end, so you’ve got plenty of great photo opportunities at every point along the bridge.

Between these five spots alone you should have albums filled with amazing photos of London. Some other great photo spots to check out include Greenwich Park, Parliament Hill, The Orbit, and Alexandra Palace. Don’t wait to send your photos to a friend or share them on social media. With Teppy, you can access fast and reliable Wi-Fi from wherever you are.