Easter is a time when many of us plan to spend time with family and loved ones. It’s a beautiful time of year so why not take some time to travel around the Easter holiday and enjoy some quality relaxation? If you’re agonizing about whether to start using up your paid vacation time here are some compelling reasons to say yes and go for it!

1. The timing is perfect

Christmas was a long time ago; the summer holidays are still a way off. It’s the perfect time for a getaway to recharge the batteries, even if just for a few days. City breaks or road trips are a perfect way to escape without busting any budgets.

2. It’s a great time for romantic travel

Some of the world’s most romantic cities are at their best around Easter, especially in Europe. Like the song says, we all love Paris in the springtime and the same is true for Venice, Rome, Lisbon and Budapest.

3. Seeing Nature’s beautiful spring colors

In many parts of the world, Easter is a time when nature is at its absolute best. Whether it’s to see fields of tulips in the Netherlands, stunning cherry blossom in Japan or the huge variety of wildflowers in Yellowstone National Park there are natural sights you won’t find any other time of year.

4. It’s a great time to go skiing

In both the US and Europe, Easter isn’t too late to get some time on the ski slopes if you focus on areas with higher altitudes where good snow remains late in the season. Plus, it’s generally a little sunnier, prices are lower and the longer days mean you can spend more time practicing!

5. It’s the best time for family holidays

The kids are out of school for a couple of weeks, they’ll only be bored around the house so why not take them away over Easter? Travel is cheaper than during the peak summer season so if you’re thinking of travelling as a family Easter is one of the best times financially.

6. Take advantage of public holidays (in Europe and Australia)

Many European (and Antipodean) countries have a clutch of public holidays around the Easter period so you can make vacation days go much further by combining them with public holidays. In the UK you’re guaranteed one four-day weekend and you can get a ten-day break while only using four days holiday!

7. No long-haul flights needed

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, as we come into warmer weather around Easter it means we don’t have to travel as far in search of sunshine. We often take for granted the great experiences to be had travelling just within 100 miles of home. This is the perfect time to explore that local area you’ve always overlooked.

8. It’s not too hot for adventure

It might not be quite warm enough yet to be planning a beach holiday, but that’s a good thing! Easter is a time when we often do our most interesting cultural or adventure travelling and the temperature is perfect for doing more without fatigue. So, whether you want to hike the trail you’ve always meant to or just want to put in the miles on foot to really explore your favorite city then there won’t be a better time.

9. It’s quiet enough not to plan

One of the joys of travelling is just being able to go with the flow, step out of time and forget about schedules and deadlines. During busy summer seasons that’s not always practical, popular destinations will be busy and it’s too risky to just turn up and wing it on accommodation. But around Easter things can be a little quieter, meaning you can often enjoy a more peaceful style of travel and plan less rigidly.

10. There are amazing one-off festivities

Easter is a global celebration, but one that is celebrated with a lot of variation in different countries. So there is always a different way of experiencing this holiday depending on where you go. If you visit the Greek island of Corfu, keep an eye out for flying objects as there is an Easter Sunday tradition of throwing ceramic pots out of the window! In France, one small town prepares a 5,000 egg omelette on Easter Monday. Or if you want to include something more epic in scale to your Easter festivities then head to Seville, Spain where celebrations last an entire week and involve a cast of thousands!

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