We love travelling and keeping our customers up-to-date with the latest technology that will make their time abroad more comfortable, enjoyable and memorable. The basic tech essentials like a smartphone, camera or Wi-Fi enabled tablet will ensure you stay connected but there are now a whole host of options and add-ons you can buy to make your trip even better.

We’ve now entered the age of the pocket traveler, where bigger is no longer better and the latest technology comes in forms that you can easily fit into your weekend bag. We’ve put together a list of some our favorite pocket gadgets that will compliment any holiday plans. In this week’s blog post we’ll be taking a look at five gadgets that you shouldn’t leave home without.

Portable Charger

Most smartphones will easily drain through a full charge of battery in just a few hours by using common apps like TripAdvisor, WhatsApp or Instagram. If you don’t want to spend the best part of your holiday wandering the streets in search of that elusive free plug, there is a solution. A portable charger (also known as a power bank) allows you to recharge your electronic devices on the go, making them especially handy for extending the longevity of your smartphone.

We think Anker’s 2nd Gen Astro E4 charger is perfect for the gadget-wielding traveler. It allows you to charge two devices simultaneously and no it doesn’t matter if you’re partial to Apple, Android, Windows or *gasp* Blackberry, it will charge all without prejudice! We love it because it has enough power to give your devices another day of use, its light (less than 300g), portable and won’t break your bank account.

You can check out a video review here or buy it directly on Amazon.

Our Pick: Anker Astro E4 (2nd Gen)

Price: $29.99

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Any frequent flyer will know that crying babies, noisy children and coughing passengers are obligatory additions to in-flight entertainment, but thankfully technology can come to the rescue.

Noise cancelling (or active noise reduction) headphones can help shut you off from the rest of the world and allow you to listen to your blockbuster movie or smooth jazz sessions completely free from noisy interruptions.

We can’t fault Bose’s Quietcomfort 20 – it does exactly what is says on the tin. The headphones are comfortable, great at minimizing annoying ambient sound, and (perhaps unsurprisingly given the brand) sound fantastic. These headphones aren’t cheap, but given that Bose is one of the most trusted brands for audiophiles, we feel these headphones are completely worth the price of admission – if not simply for the 40 winks you can finally enjoy 30,000 ft. in the air. Here’s an extremely thorough review by Forbes Tech if you need further convincing, and if you’re already convinced, here’s the link to buy them.

Our Pick: Bose Quietcomfort 20

Price: $299.00

Portable Speakers

If you consider yourself the life and soul of the party, and don’t mind imposing your music on those around you, you’ll want to invest in a portable speaker. It’s a relatively low-priority item on most people’s holiday shopping list, but one that can completely transform the ambience of your trip.

We’ve managed to find a really compact Bluetooth speaker that will be a welcome companion on any holiday; whether you’re day tripping to the beach or simply lounging by the pool. The Philips Shoqbox Mini may be pint-sized, but it packs a punch; it reaches high volumes, is waterproof, dustproof, floats and doubles as a conference-call device. It’s also reasonably priced for a speaker of its spec and could equally make a welcome addition to bath times at home, if you fancy retiring from pool party DJ-ing and taking up tub time sing-a-longs. Here’s an in-depth review by CNET.

Our Pick: Philips Shoqbox Mini

Price: $49.99

Portable Wi-Fi Device

Staying connected to the Internet has becomes an essential aspect of life, so why should it be any different when you’re basking in the glorious rays of your well-earned holiday? We know travelers are some of the most data-hungry people, so we’ve designed a pocket-sized device that gives you unlimited internet on the move – so you can scroll, swipe, snap, click and play to your heart’s content.

We also know that data roaming is expensive and public Wi-Fi is unreliable (click here read more about the pitfalls), so we’ve come up with an all-encompassing solution to both. Tep Wireless’ device costs a fixed daily amount ($9.95), there are no hidden charges or risk of your bill skyrocketing, you can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously (including mobile phones, tablets and laptops). It’s completely secure and you don’t even have to buy the device yourself – just rent it here as and when you need it. Check out our review section here or this overview from independent blogger, Pommie Travels.

Our Pick: Tep Wireless

Price: $9.95 per day (rental)

Portable Action Camera

Meet the modern day equivalent of VCR tapes for your family holiday. Video recording devices now let you capture those candid moments without having to reach for your smartphone or camera. Portable action cameras like the GoPro Hero make it super easy for you to ‘share your world’ with first-hand perspective, high quality videos – while they don’t guarantee to make you an internet sensation, they do look pretty damn epic.

The camera itself is very compact and easy to use, you can read the full review here. It’s perfect for when you go mountain biking in Austria or surfing in Hawaii or simply if you want to record your journey through the streets of magical Paris. We love the fact that its durable, waterproof, compact and makes sharing your memories really fun. You can buy it here.

Our Pick: GoPro Hero

Price: $129.99

So there you have it, our list of the best portable gadgets available on the market to give you that extra piece of mind on your travels. If you need some holiday inspiration, why not check out our last post on the top cities to visit in Europe.