Tep has decided to launch a ‘buy it now’ option for its portable wifi device in conjunction with the 2016 Travel Adventure Show in LA and San Francisco. From February 2016 onwards you’ll now be able to rent and buy Tep’s awesome portable wifi device. Renting your own device is perfect if you’re planning the occasional holiday abroad and don’t want to spend a ton on outrageous data roaming charges or connect to dodgey public wifi hotspots.

For nomads, adventurers and travel bloggers who call the airport their second home, renting is not so great.  If you want the flexibility of being able to take spontaneous multi destination trips and still have the luxury of fast, secure and reliable internet on your travels then buying your own device is definitely the way forward! And with Tep you can now buy your device and save money too!

For travel bloggers in particular, having secure and reliable internet is a must on holiday:

“As a travel blogger WiFi is my everything…The first thing a blogger tends to ask upon entering a restaurant or a hotel is “Do you have WiFi?” or “What’s the Wi-fi password?” It’s not uncommon to see a group of bloggers on a blog trip huddling around the nearest Wi-Fi spot or cursing the connection speed.”

Unfortunately, with high costs for data roaming, many frequent travellers are forced to search endlessly for free public wifi hotspot or even buy a new SIM card in every destination:

“So you can imagine how frustrating it can be hopping from one Wi-Fi network to another, putting up with slow or throttled hotel Internet connections, and wasting time shopping around for local SIM cards every time we cross international borders (which happens more frequently than I change underwear)”

Thankfully for bloggers everywhere, Tep’s new option to buy a portable wifi device has been tailored to meet the needs of data hungry travelers, whilst also saving them money! But it’s not only great for travel bloggers – anyone who spends a lot of their time travelling can benefit from buying a device rather than renting.

Here are some of the benefits of buying your device vs. renting

  1. Save time – When you rent a device you’ll need to ensure there’s enough time between placing your order and the device arriving at your door (we recommend allowing at least 10 days before you plan to leave). Even with our super fast shipping times (between 1-3 business days) you may lose out on the savings if you want to book last minute travel plans. If you use own your device, all you’ll have to do is take it with you on your travels and turn it on when you want to use it – simple!
  2. Save money – Buying a device will not only save you time, it will also save you some cash. You won’t have to pay one-off shipping costs to have your device sent back to us and crucially your tariff will be lower. For customers who buy own their Tep device, the daily rate is just $8 per day – so you’ll be saving nearly $2 per day when compared to renting. Plus you’ll only pay the daily rate if and when you’re using your device i.e. if you’re not connected you won’t be charged.
  3. One device = Global Internet Access – With Tep’s device you’ll have the freedom to make calls, browse the web and find your way around as if you were back at home. You won’t be landed with a shock bill or have to connect to unsecure public wifi hotspots. You’ll also have your own unlimited personal wifi connection that can take up to 5 devices simultaneously. Your device will also work in over 80 countries worldwide so no matter which continent takes your fancy, you’ll be able to stay connected seamlessly.

The Details

  • You pay just $124.95 for your very own Tep portable wifi device
  • You’ll be charged $8 per day for unlimited internet and only when you use it
  • Every device comes with a 12 month warranty and a free universal travel adaptor that works in over 100 countries
  • Bonus: You’ll also get 5 complimentary Day-Passes that will let you access the unlimited internet for 24 hours completely free!!!

If you’re a frequent traveler who wants hassle-free unlimited wifi on your journey, Tep’s device is a no brainer! It’s cheaper, easier and can go with you on every journey!

Still not convinced? Read our latest reviews or to find out more about buying your own device visit our site.