Travel. Everywhere. Powered. It’s what we stand for, and as avid travelers it’s the vision that our company was founded on.

When we launched in 2009, the idea was simple – let’s create a service that will liberate international travelers from exorbitant roaming charges, so that staying connected with loved ones and colleagues back home is an affordable and effortless endeavor. At the start, we began offering international smartphones and early generation pocket wifi rentals in the UK, and then gradually extended our reach to other European countries. We soon realized that most customers wanted to use their own personal devices, so we shifted our focusing solely to the pocket wifi.

The Perfect Travel Companion

As we gained more traction in the industry and as technology improved, we found that the pocket wifi was exactly what customers were looking for while traveling abroad. The beauty of the pocket wifi is that not only does it fit in the palm of your hand and deliver a fast and reliable on-the-go connection, but also connecting just about any wifi enabled device is effortless. The pocket wifi also allows up to five connections simultaneously, which makes traveling with a group that much more affordable.

Today we’ve extended our pocket wifi coverage in countries across five continents, and within the past few months we’ve expanded our coverage to nine countries across two of those five continents. We’ve also recently introduced a customer satisfaction guarantee to ensure that each and every Tep pocket wifi is uncompromising in facilitating the best customer travel experience possible.

At Tep, we’re passionate about traveling, and we understand the benefits of having access to everything the Internet has to offer while on foreign soil. We plan to continue our expansion so that no matter where you go, traveling powered is easy and affordable.

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