Roaming charges are something we all want to avoid.  During the summer months, roaming charges across Europe skyrocket due to people traveling.  Here at Tep, we want to serve our customers and help avoid these charges.  By staying connected to wifi, along with utilizing helpful smartphone apps, you can virtually avoid all data usage and still communicate with friends with family and much more.

Recently, roaming charges were reportedly cut across Europe to ensure that travelers do not get slapped with huge bills; however, the increased usage of data by consumers worldwide means that roaming charges really aren’t going anywhere.  Data usage accounts for 50% of phone costs overseas, manifesting through increased surfing of the web, social media usage, and other app usage.  Read in more detail about how roaming costs are set to soar this summer in this article by Fresh Business Thinking.


So what’s the best solution to this problem?  Renting a Tep device, of course 🙂 .  For business travelers, Tep can be a particularly helpful service to decrease business costs.  Smartphone usage by employees is increasing every day—and many of these costs are incurred through the business itself.  Tep Wireless is your portable wifi wherever you go—make sure to take advantage and avoid the data roaming trap!