There is no doubt that social media has revolutionized the way we experience events in our lives—it has applications in work, social gatherings, eating, etc.  But how does social media affect the way we as humans travel?

With Tep, you can now stay connected to all your social media accounts via wifi wherever you are, without using any data whatsoever.  Surf the web right then and there.  What pictures can you post right up to your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.  from your phone when abroad?  The possibilities are endless, and Tep wants to see!  As an intern for Tep hailing all the way from the US, I am staying connected with my family and friends back home via Twitter and Instagram.  Starting now and into next week, I will be going out and taking pictures of famous landmarks and posting them to the new Tep Wireless Instagram account–Be sure to follow us!

Without further ado, announcing our new social media campaign!  Any current customers of Tep Wireless can take a picture of them using their Tep, or any picture of their travels, with the hashtag #AbroadWithTepWireless and we will either repost the pic on our Insta or retweet their pic if it’s up on Twitter!  We encourage everyone to join in and show off their social media skills!  We want you to show off your creativity, we want to see how you are experiencing your travels with Tep!  And if you can’t think of anything creative enough, you can always take a selfie, cant you?



Check out my first #AbroadWithTepWireless Post–what do you think? 🙂

The Tep team is excited to see your journeys and travels!