We recently came across this Huff Post Article on 10 reasons to take your Smartphone when you travel.

Here are our reasons to take your pocket wifi!

1)      Take and share your pictures of your travels on Instagram—a must to capture your experience

2)      Share your thoughts about your travel destination on Twitter, on the go

3)      Connect your laptop at your convenience—avoid being limited to coffee shops, hotel rooms, etc.

4)      Connect multiple devices at the same time!—Up to 5 without getting slapped with roaming charges

5)      It’s design is smooth, compact, and comes in a conveniently sized package—Save that luggage space!

6)      Use Skype, Viber, and Whatsapp to communicate with others—No data usage whatsoever

7)      Use Citymapper on the go to navigate the city quickly and easily without getting lost! (My personal favorite)

8)      Use all your smartphone or tablet capabilities without using data

9)      You can pick up and drop off your device at Heathrow airport—fastest way to use our service

10)   For the travel bloggers out there—keep your followers updated on the go!


Compact package perfect for travel

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