The Best Cycling Holidays in Europe

Get fit and see the world with an exhilarating cycling holiday! In this post we’ve given you 5 of the best cycling holidays to try in Europe which includes top cycle tours in Spain, Germany, Croatia and France.

Top Travel Tips for a Safe, Secure and Happy Holiday

Traveling can be one of the best things you do in your life, and with today’s unprecedented levels of access, you can pretty much spin a globe and take a trip to wherever your finger lands (within reason of course). But with this added access comes greater risk, especially for tourists. In this post we’ll be giving you our top tips to stay safe and secure whilst on holiday that will help you avoid being an easy target!

The Best Portable Wifi Device for Frequent Travellers

Tep has decided to launch a ‘buy it now’ option for its portable wifi device in conjunction with the 2016 Travel Adventure Show in LA and San Francisco. This new option has been specifically designed with frequent travellers in mind. You now can say sayonara to renting and shipping costs and say hola to a world of endless connectivity at an even cheaper daily rate. For more details check out this post!

The Best Options For Travelers Lodging Abroad

If you’ve been wanderlusting for that extended trip to South America, a 6 week backpacking tour of East Asia or even a secluded getaway in the mountains, there’s no better time than now to capitalize on the booming sharing economy. In the last few years an abundance of websites like Airbnb, Homestay and Spotahome have started popping up which are opening up a whole new world of cost-effective and long term holiday options. In this post Tep has shared some of the best options out there for lodging abroad; including home stays, home swaps and how you can find free accommodation whilst you travel!

The Rise of Travel Blogging

Back in the nineties, when the term ‘blog’ was first coined, writing about your experiences online was not so commonplace. Today, blogging has carved out it’s own profession, and one that people can actually make a very decent living out of if they’re successful – top end salary estimates suggest you could earn as much $79k in a year! In this post we’ve looked at the rising trend of travel blogging and given you the low down on how to become one yourself.

5 Ways to Treat your Girlfriend at Valentine’s

If you’re lucky enough to have someone extra special to share this Valentine’s Day with, you’ll want to make sure they know how much they mean to you. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity for you both to relive the magic of falling in love whilst making some new memories to add to your growing collection! In this special post you’ll find 5 ways to ensure your girlfriend (or partner) knows exactly how much you love them.

Pocket Travel Wi-Fi – Essential Tech to Keep the Kids Entertained on Holidays

Knowing how to keep your little ones amused whilst travelling can be a daunting prospect – especially since children’s attention spans are noticeably getting shorter! There are several ways you can keep your kids happy and entertained whilst on holiday without breaking into a sweat! Here is our list of must-have tech gadgets for your young ones that will help take the pressure off: Tablets and Gaming Devices Knowing the best devices can help keep you one step ahead of your kids. Tablets and gaming devices are at the top of our essential tech to have on family holidays for […]

The Most Christmassy Places to Visit

If you are yearning for that fairy-tale Christmas holiday and want to get away from fake snow, tacky decorations and inflatable Santas, check out our latest post on some of the best places to escape to this year! In this piece we will be guiding you through 5 of the most Christmassy places to visit this holiday season, all the way from Quebec City to Lapland.

If Santa had Tep Wi-Fi this Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, children everywhere will be eagerly awaiting the visit of Santa Claus. Traditionally, children contact the infamous Saint Nick by posting a handwritten wish list to his home in the North Pole. But with the next generation of kids growing up with technology at their fingertips, we wondered how the modern Santa might cope? For the first post in our festive series, we’ve reimagined how a tech savvy Santa Claus would manage demands of modern Christmas if he had Tep’s portable wifi device with him on his travels.