Notes from the Tep revolution!

Hello! It has been a few months since our last post, we have been busy improving our look, (new brand and website!) our service and expanding our WiFi coverage to even more key travel destinations. Now the Tep pocket WiFi offers truly unlimited data for one flat fee, and our coverage reaches over 60 countries, including some major destinations such as Brazil, China, Mauritius and Canada. Further we improved customer service now offering 24/7 and support over WhatsApp.

Tep Whatsapp

We are proud to say it is a better Tep! With our hotspot now you can even use Google maps on your phone in India, Skype your mom from Japan, or check your email from the shuttle to the airport in Singapore.  Tim, one of our co-founders, is going to put a Tep in his 58 year old mother’s pocket before she heads to the Taj Mahal in January.  Say Tim; “I just want my mom to be able to call me if she needs anything, wherever she might be, using the same phone she uses at home.  And now she can email me some pictures too.”

We like to be honest about what our customers say about Tep. In our homepage you can read all the Tep reviews. For example here’s what our customer, Grant, had to say on August 29th of this year; “Fantastic solution to allow us to continue to run our business whilst on a 8000km road trip through Europe. Thanks to the Tep team – we’ll be in touch next time around.”

Keep an eye on this space as well as our social media, for news, reviews and exciting opportunities for Tep customers.  And thanks for helping us grow!

How to stay connected abroad without facing bankruptcy

It seems that hardly a day goes by without another nightmare story surfacing in the media about phone bills that arrive post-holiday that run into the thousands of dollars. However it’s no secret that phone providers sting their users when surfing the internet and downloading abroad and if you want to find a solution to those scary data roaming charge then Tep provides the answer.

The hair raising cost of roaming abroad

Chances are that you’ve heard of at least one friend who hadn’t researched their provider’s roaming charges before going abroad. This situation is far from uncommon, with a staggering number of US travellers who have no idea about how much they’re racking up in bills until it’s too late.

You’d then be forgiven for thinking that this pretty dire situation is looking set for a shake-up. Or you may believe that providers are planning towards cutting off or capping phones that exceed certain roaming fees. You could even assume that the charges may decrease altogether.

However on all of these points you’d be entirely wrong. This industry is actually looking set to stay decidedly the same; so if phone companies won’t change their behaviours, then consumers must.

Time is of the essence

It seem that whether a holiday is a week or three weeks long that time flies by and before you know it it’s time to board the plane back. For this reason you shouldn’t have to spend time tracking down a WiFi spot.

So the question is then how do you save time, money and plenty of Wifi induced stress?

Tep… staying connected with Wifi while traveling

Tep is the solution to all your WiFi related woes whilst travelling. This tiny device will be your perfect partner throughout your holidays, serving you fast internet at a fraction of the cost of either third party WiFi or WiFi through your own providers.

Known also as Pocket Wifi, you pick your device up from the airport or receive it through the post. You then simply explore your holiday destination whilst being safe in the knowledge that you’ll always be connected to the internet, without the associated sky high charges you’d otherwise be accruing. If you wish to read more about the service, here you have some fresh products reviews from The Travel Bite and The Globalgrasshopper.

The Hotel Wi-Fi Alternative

A recent Forbes article highlighted the drawbacks of paying for Hotel and Conference Wi-Fi, which in 2014 truly seems to epitomize the term unnecessary evil. 

Paying $24.95 for a suitable internet connection is a harsh reality for many travelers and conference goers who need the internet to stay connected for work. As the article highlights:

“The rise of personal wireless hotspots — both standalone units and as addons to smartphones — is starting to change the way that the public consumes WiFi on a large scale, and without the ability to charge visitors egregious fees, hotels and conference centers can’t pad their profits.”

While as consumers this comes as good news, it also means that hotels may begin increasing their Wi-Fi fees in order to make up for a loss in revenues. More than ever, renting a Tep pocket wifi can be an affordable alternative to expensive hotel Internet when traveling abroad.

Data roaming is growing, according to our summer rental data!

We’ve summed up our international roaming results over the summer months, and have observed some interesting trends! Between June and August, mobile data traffic used by Tep customers increased 10-fold compared to the same period last year.

This summer, Tep subscribers who traveled abroad used 1 million minutes of data and visited hundreds of countries.

Among the most visited travel destinations were Turkey, Greece, Spain, Germany and Italy.

We’ve also had a few lucky customers travel to long-haul destinations including Rwanda, Zambia, Ethiopia, Sudan and island states such as Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and Grenadines. While we don’t typically cover these countries because we don’t observe many travelers visiting, get in touch with us if you’re headed abroad there! We’d be happy to put you in touch with our network partners!

Roaming Charges Aren’t Going Anywhere

Roaming charges are something we all want to avoid.  During the summer months, roaming charges across Europe skyrocket due to people traveling.  Here at Tep, we want to serve our customers and help avoid these charges.  By staying connected to wifi, along with utilizing helpful smartphone apps, you can virtually avoid all data usage and still communicate with friends with family and much more.

Recently, roaming charges were reportedly cut across Europe to ensure that travelers do not get slapped with huge bills; however, the increased usage of data by consumers worldwide means that roaming charges really aren’t going anywhere.  Data usage accounts for 50% of phone costs overseas, manifesting through increased surfing of the web, social media usage, and other app usage.  Read in more detail about how roaming costs are set to soar this summer in this article by Fresh Business Thinking.


So what’s the best solution to this problem?  Renting a Tep device, of course :-) .  For business travelers, Tep can be a particularly helpful service to decrease business costs.  Smartphone usage by employees is increasing every day—and many of these costs are incurred through the business itself.  Tep Wireless is your portable wifi wherever you go—make sure to take advantage and avoid the data roaming trap!

Tep Wireless Coverage Expansion!

Tep Wireless is Expanding Coverage

More great news brought to you from the Tep headquarters—once again, Tep is expanding coverage!  We’re proud to announce an expansion to include 4 more countries!  You can now take your pocket wifi to Finland, Israel, Norway, and Switzerland.  We’re one step closer to world-wide coverage!  If you’d like to see a list of all the countries that we cover, you can look on our website here.

Here are a few reasons why you might want to take a trip to one of these countries on your next expedition:

Finland—Cross country Skiing—during their winters, it is often the primary method of transportation!

Israel—Float on the Dead Sea—and get your buddy to post it on Instagram :-)

Norway—Walk on Europe’s biggest mainland glacier—it has a captivating, turquoise color to it due to the surrounding lakes.


 Switzerland—Matterhorn Circuit—a seven day hike around one of the most famous mountain’s in Europe is a very rewarding experience.  Find out more about this awesome trek at Lonely Planet.

If you are planning on going to any of these countries, rent your Tep device now, and enrich your traveling experience by staying connected with family and friends while abroad!

10 Reasons to Travel with your Tep Wireless Device

We recently came across this Huff Post Article on 10 reasons to take your Smartphone when you travel.

Here are our reasons to take your pocket wifi!

1)      Take and share your pictures of your travels on Instagram—a must to capture your experience

2)      Share your thoughts about your travel destination on Twitter, on the go

3)      Connect your laptop at your convenience—avoid being limited to coffee shops, hotel rooms, etc.

4)      Connect multiple devices at the same time!—Up to 5 without getting slapped with roaming charges

5)      It’s design is smooth, compact, and comes in a conveniently sized package—Save that luggage space!

6)      Use Skype, Viber, and Whatsapp to communicate with others—No data usage whatsoever

7)      Use Citymapper on the go to navigate the city quickly and easily without getting lost! (My personal favorite)

8)      Use all your smartphone or tablet capabilities without using data

9)      You can pick up and drop off your device at Heathrow airport—fastest way to use our service

10)   For the travel bloggers out there—keep your followers updated on the go!


Compact package perfect for travel

Rent yours now!

The Future of the Travel Industry

The travel industry is rapidly changing in a variety of ways.  The integration of technology in our society today is creating many ways for humans to travel, stay connected with friends, and making your traveling experience enjoyable as a whole.  More people than ever are traveling by air in their daily lives—millions travel everyday and is expected to double by the year 2032, as suggested by this article on the travel industry.

Furthermore, people are increasingly relying on public transportation as opposed to their own automobiles.  This is due to the increasing amount of people living in cities than ever before.  How will civil engineers cope with the increasing numbers?  By fully embracing the inevitable technological advances in the travel industry, that is.  Smartphone apps like CityMapper make it easy for anyone new to a particular city to navigate anywhere he or she needs to go.  In the future, Smartphones will play an invaluable role in a constantly traveling society.

photo (5)

Here at Tep we acknowledge the ever-changing environment of technology and realize how crucial these days it is to stay connected to the World Wide Web.  Mobile wifi is a step towards a newly integrated technological world and we are happy to offer this service to any traveler J. For more information on exactly how Tep Wireless works and what countries we offer coverage in, check out our FAQ page.

Our Favorite Travel Bloggers

Lash World Tour

Lash is a travel blogger with a sense of humor and possesses the ability to tell an entertaining story.  She is not afraid to travel by herself and gives us valuable knowledge about the places that she has been to.  She also knows how to be strategically frugal while traveling, providing her readers with tips on how to save money abroad.  This is one of the reasons she chose to buy a Tep Wireless Device on her trip to New Zealand.  Read her review of the device and how choosing Tep saved her trip!

A Luxury Travel Blog

A Luxury Travel Blog is one of the world’s most prestigious travel blogs with a huge following across the globe.  They provide guides and information for the finer aspects of travel.  They cover everything from food to eat in a particular country to must-need travel accessories.  Paul Johnson is a writer for A Luxury Travel Blog, and has been in the travel industry for over 20 years.  He recently wrote a review on a few travel accessories necessary for going abroad, including the Tep Wireless pocket wifi.  Read his thoughts on our product here.

photo (4)

The Expert Vagabond

The Expert Vagabond is one of our all-time favorites.  He integrates captivating photos with entertaining stories to provide readers with rich content.  Read more about Matthew, the Expert Vagabond.  Not to mention, he is fearless and will try daring things that many of us would not have the guts to do!  Read about how he conquered the worl’s tallest rope swing.

Matthew also wrote a review on our product.  Check out his thoughts on our device!

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A Luxury Travel Blog does a Tep Wireless Review

Our friends at A Luxury Travel Blog recently wrote a review on their website, using the Tep Wireless device.  We are very excited to be featured on one of the most influential, biggest travel blogs there is on the web!  Paul Johnson used his pocket wifi on his short trip to Athens along with two other travel accessories; the drifter from STM Bags, which is a travel-handy, versatile and comfortable backpack, as well as a photography course by Photography Concentrate.

Paul was able to stay connected and check his emails while on the go, until he was back at his hotel where he had broadband.  For business travelers, Tep Wireless is a great choice and a much better alternative then buying a SIM card and racking up a huge data roaming bill.  No one has time for that!  With the myriad of useful apps out there including communication apps like Whatsapp, Skype etc., there is little need for data usage when you are abroad!  You can virtually get everything that you need to get done through using our mobile hotspot device.  Run your business through your iPhone!  Sounds handy doesn’t it?

Check out full Tep Wireless Review on their website.  Thanks again, Paul!

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