Brexit: What does it mean for holidays outside the UK?

In this topical post on the recent Brexit, Tep explains what it could mean for Brits wishing to travel to Europe. We will be exploring if you’ll still be able to fly cheaply to Europe, if you can still be covered for health insurance and if you’ll be able to use your mobile phone abroad without worrying about data roaming charges. Find out what impact it will have on the cost of your next holiday here.

Technical Jargon Busting – Tep explains the tech jargon you use everyday but don’t actually understand!

We’re all using our mobile phones to access the internet, but do we really understand the technology behind it? In this post Tep’s done some serious jargon busting of the most common technical words associated with your mobile and internet connection. Find out what words like bandwidth, ISP, 4G and roaming really mean here.

How You’re Vulnerable to Identity Theft When Traveling

Technology has revolutionised the way we travel. It wasn’t so long ago that going overseas meant you’d be completely out of contact, but now it’s easy to stay in touch with loved ones. The internet has also made it easier to make plans while on the go, be more spontaneous and adapt to any situation that might be thrown your way. However, alongside these unquestionable benefits, our newfound ability to access the internet, no matter where in the world we are, has brought along some alarming risks. Travelers are becoming some of the most common victims of identity theft, to […]

Top Travel Tips for a Safe, Secure and Happy Holiday

Traveling can be one of the best things you do in your life, and with today’s unprecedented levels of access, you can pretty much spin a globe and take a trip to wherever your finger lands (within reason of course). But with this added access comes greater risk, especially for tourists. In this post we’ll be giving you our top tips to stay safe and secure whilst on holiday that will help you avoid being an easy target!

The Best Portable Wifi Device for Frequent Travellers

Tep has decided to launch a ‘buy it now’ option for its portable wifi device in conjunction with the 2016 Travel Adventure Show in LA and San Francisco. This new option has been specifically designed with frequent travellers in mind. You now can say sayonara to renting and shipping costs and say hola to a world of endless connectivity at an even cheaper daily rate. For more details check out this post!

The Best Options For Travelers Lodging Abroad

If you’ve been wanderlusting for that extended trip to South America, a 6 week backpacking tour of East Asia or even a secluded getaway in the mountains, there’s no better time than now to capitalize on the booming sharing economy. In the last few years an abundance of websites like Airbnb, Homestay and Spotahome have started popping up which are opening up a whole new world of cost-effective and long term holiday options. In this post Tep has shared some of the best options out there for lodging abroad; including home stays, home swaps and how you can find free accommodation whilst you travel!