What You Need to Know About the Changes to Data Roaming Charges in Europe

After years of consumers suffering at the hands of roaming surcharges, the European Commission has finally announced that it will be abolishing the unfair rates. In this post we’ll be explaining what the new measures mean for travelers both inside and outside the EU and how you can avoid getting caught out.

The Future of Travel Technology

The recent passing of ‘Back to the Future’ day (21st October 2015) – the movie that made someaccurate and outrageous predictions for the future – got us thinking about what the future of travel could look like. We’ve covered everything from hypersonic travel, luxury hotels of the future, the Internet of things and virtual reality in this post on the technology that will transform and disrupt the industry in years to come.

Pitfalls of Holiday WIFI – How to avoid unreliable Internet connections and high data roaming charges

Data roaming can be really expensive & public Wi-Fi connections are often insecure – so what is the best way to get online when you are abroad? In this post, with a useful infographic, Tep explore the pitfalls of travel Wi-Fi and provide you with some smart advice on how to stay connected when travelling.

The Must-Have Pocket Gadgets to Travel With

Technology is making life for the budding traveller ever easier. In this post we’ve chosen 5 of the best portable devices that will make your holiday memorable for all the right reasons. We’ll be showing you the very best pocket-sized chargers, headphones, speakers, Wi-Fi devices and video recorders – to give you the best experience on your next adventure.

The Horrors of Data Roaming

In our Halloween special, Tep have uncovered some of the most harrowing stories from victims of the billion dollar data roaming industry. From $4k music downloads to an employee losing his job and a heart stopping $24k bill, we’ve got a whole host of horror stories that will keep you up at night.

Europe’s 12 Most Iconic Food Dishes

Here at Tep we absolutely love to explore the world and want to ensure our customers get the best insights whilst they are on holiday. We’re really excited to introduce a series of blog posts about all things travel. In this first post we’ll highlight some of the most tantalising and iconic savoury dishes from a few of Europe’s finest destinations with some helpful tips on recipes, drink pairings and restaurant recommendations.

Notes from the Tep revolution!

Hello! It has been a few months since our last post, we have been busy improving our look, (new brand and website!) our service and expanding our WiFi coverage to even more key travel destinations. Now the Tep pocket WiFi offers truly unlimited data for one flat fee, and our coverage reaches over 60 countries, including some major destinations such as Brazil, China, Mauritius and Canada. Further we improved customer service now offering 24/7 and support over WhatsApp. We are proud to say it is a better Tep! With our hotspot now you can even use Google maps on your […]

How to stay connected abroad without facing bankruptcy

It seems that hardly a day goes by without another nightmare story surfacing in the media about phone bills that arrive post-holiday that run into the thousands of dollars. However it’s no secret that phone providers sting their users when surfing the internet and downloading abroad and if you want to find a solution to those scary data roaming charge then Tep provides the answer. The hair raising cost of roaming abroad Chances are that you’ve heard of at least one friend who hadn’t researched their provider’s roaming charges before going abroad. This situation is far from uncommon, with a […]

The Hotel Wi-Fi Alternative

A recent Forbes article highlighted the drawbacks of paying for Hotel and Conference Wi-Fi, which in 2014 truly seems to epitomize the term unnecessary evil.  Paying $24.95 for a suitable internet connection is a harsh reality for many travelers and conference goers who need the internet to stay connected for work. As the article highlights: “The rise of personal wireless hotspots — both standalone units and as addons to smartphones — is starting to change the way that the public consumes WiFi on a large scale, and without the ability to charge visitors egregious fees, hotels and conference centers can’t pad their […]