The Best Extreme Adventure Holidays to get your Adrenaline Pumping

For thrill seekers these days there are plenty of ways to get your adrenaline pumping. If you’re searching your next adrenaline filled adventure look no further than our latest post which covers everything from swimming with sharks and bungee jumping into volcanoes to slightly less dangerous but adventurous activities that you and the entire family can try!


Digital nomads usually work remotely enabling them the freedom to undertake projects anywhere in the world provided they have access to the tools they require to complete the task at hand. In this article we explore what it is to be a digital nomad and some of the tools you need to make this lifestyle work for you.

Best amusement park holidays around the world for the whole family

Amusement parks (or theme parks as they’re commonly referred to) are a one stop shop for families seeking an adrenaline-filled vacation that is guaranteed to give your kids memories for a lifetime (and give you a peaceful night’s sleep).

Introducing Tep’s Smart Luggage Tag: the must have travel accessory to keep your luggage safe

Tep has just launched its very own Smart Luggage Tag featuring the best technology to help keep your luggage safe on your travels. Find out just how bad the airline industry is for misplacing and losing luggage and how you can avoid getting caught out in our post here.

5 great novels set in Europe that will make you wish you were on holiday

We’ve decided to introduce you to some of Europe’s hidden gems through some works of literary genius that you may (or may not) have read! From Ernest Hemingway’s depictions of Pamplona’s famous encierro to the iconic canals of Italy in Thomas Mann’s Death in Venice, we have covered a selection of some of the best works that will leave you wanderlusting!

Brexit: What does it mean for holidays outside the UK?

In this topical post on the recent Brexit, Tep explains what it could mean for Brits wishing to travel to Europe. We will be exploring if you’ll still be able to fly cheaply to Europe, if you can still be covered for health insurance and if you’ll be able to use your mobile phone abroad without worrying about data roaming charges. Find out what impact it will have on the cost of your next holiday here.

Technical Jargon Busting – Tep explains the tech jargon you use everyday but don’t actually understand!

We’re all using our mobile phones to access the internet, but do we really understand the technology behind it? In this post Tep’s done some serious jargon busting of the most common technical words associated with your mobile and internet connection. Find out what words like bandwidth, ISP, 4G and roaming really mean here.