4 Easy Tricks to Take Better Travel Photos with Your Smartphone

We make so many great memories when travelling, so taking high-quality travel photos to remember these times is often a priority. Luckily, we no longer have to carry around bulky camera equipment to achieve this, because our smartphones are the perfect tools for taking great photos. If you want to up your travel photo game without upgrading to an expensive new smartphone, here are some tips for taking better smartphone photos. Understand your camera settings There are lots of settings in your smartphone camera app, some of which might seem a little complicated. But there are some quick things you […]

The history of passports

Travel is a luxury that most of us take for granted. We choose a destination, book a ticket, hop on a plane et voila we are wherever we envisioned to be. And then us being humans and us being used to getting whatever we want, more often than not, we tend to overlook the importance of our most valuable travel companion.

If you are yearning for that fairy-tale Christmas holiday and want to get away from fake snow, tacky decorations and inflatable Santas, check out our latest post on some of the best places to escape to this year! In this piece we will be guiding you through 5 of the most Christmassy places to visit this holiday season, all the way from Quebec City to Lapland.

10 Christmas street markets to visit in the US and Europe

If you’re travelling over the holidays, why not get into the Christmas spirit by stopping off at a Christmas market to soak up the seasonal excitement. Here’s our list of 10 of the best to sample on both sides of the Atlantic.