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What is a pocket wifi?

It's a 3G handheld device which provides you with wireless internet access anywhere in Italy. It works just like any other Wi-Fi hotspot - but it's personal and fits in your pocket.


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  • Excellent customer service. The best part is you know what you are spending, rather than getting slapped with a huge cell phone bill from your local carrier. Very easy to use device!
  • I got the pocket wifi for "just-in-case" moments... I'm happy I rented it! Made keeping up to date on emails a lot more convenient, and managing a handful of emergencies wouldn't have been possible without it too.
  • The device worked 100% of the time and I traveled from The Cotswald, all over Dorset, Gloucester, Sussex, Kent, The Midlands and London. I connected my laptop and Blackberry mobile to it with no problem and it always gave excellent signal strength.
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